Isolate tinctures represent a specialized sector of the cannabis market, aimed at those who desire the most refined, pure form of CBD or other cannabinoids. At Growcycle, we contribute by generating leads for our partners who offer wholesale isolate tinctures.

Isolate tinctures are produced by isolating a single cannabinoid, such as CBD, and suspending it in a carrier oil. The result is a tincture that contains 99% pure CBD or another cannabinoid. This purity is the primary feature that distinguishes isolate tinctures from full-spectrum or broad-spectrum tinctures.

Choosing wholesale isolate tinctures comes with several distinctive benefits:


Isolate tinctures offer the highest level of purity among cannabis products. They contain 99% pure cannabinoids, making them an ideal choice for those who want a product free from other cannabis compounds.


Like other tinctures, isolate tinctures are highly versatile. They can be consumed orally, sublingually, or added to food and drink. Their neutral flavor, due to the absence of other cannabis compounds, makes them a suitable additive to various recipes.

Accurate Dosage

With isolate tinctures, measuring dosage is straightforward. As they contain a single cannabinoid, the concentration listed on the product represents the exact amount of cannabinoid per serving.

Growcycle acts as a key connector within the cannabis industry, linking businesses to our trusted partners who offer wholesale isolate tinctures. Our central role is to generate leads, helping businesses find reliable and quality sources for their isolate tincture needs.

Our partners offer a variety of isolate tinctures to cater to diverse consumer preferences, ensuring businesses have access to products that meet their specific needs. Whether it's CBD, CBG, or another cannabinoid, our partners have got you covered.

Finally, isolate tinctures offer a pure, versatile, and accurately dosed cannabis experience that appeals to a distinct segment of cannabis consumers. Through Growcycle, we generate leads for businesses seeking dependable wholesale suppliers of these specialized products. If you're a cannabis business searching for a wholesale supplier of isolate tinctures, we're here to connect you with our trusted partners.

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