About us

Growcycle is a leading U.S. retailer specializing in horticultural and agricultural products for commercial growers. Offering a wide range of equipment, from lighting and nutrients to environmental control systems, alongside essential business services like insurance and financing, Growcycle provides a comprehensive solution for the modern grower's needs. 

Our platform is strategically positioned at the core of the horticultural and agricultural industries, serving the fundamental needs of growers and cultivators. Since its inception in 2021, Growcycle has established itself as the pivotal connection among 9,300 cannabis growers, vertical and traditional farms, and hundreds of brands, offering access to tens of thousands of actual horticultural and agricultural products. 

Our platform has quickly become an indispensable B2B resource in the industry, facilitating a dynamic marketplace where growers can find everything from essential cultivation supplies to innovative farming technologies. Through Growcycle, the agricultural and horticultural communities have a centralized hub that supports their growth and success, ensuring they have the tools and resources necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving market.


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Receive specialized support from a dedicated farm relationship manager and benefit from bulk pricing for large scale growing operations. 

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Become a Verified Supplier on Growcycle: Join our trusted network of suppliers and connect with 9.300 farms nationwide.

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Delve deep into the nuances of both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, share insights, and bring you the most recent developments from the wider world of the growing industry