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Growcycle is a leading U.S. retailer specializing in hydroponic and horticultural products for commercial growers. Offering a wide range of equipment, from lighting and nutrients to environmental control systems, alongside essential business services like insurance and financing, Growcycle provides a comprehensive solution for the modern grower's needs.

We are a platform strategically aimed at the very heart of the cannabis industry – the growers and cultivators. It comprehensively addresses the diverse needs of the cultivation sector by offering a broad array of equipment and supplies for cannabis cultivation, with the inventory reaching into the tens of thousands.

However, Growcycle is not just another B2B platform; it distinguishes itself as a trusted destination for top-quality, competitively-priced products. Its comprehensive catalog ranges from basic cultivation equipment to more specialized supplies, effectively creating a one-stop solution for all cultivation requirements. Supporting this extensive array of offerings is a dedicated team of experienced horticulturists. These industry professionals are committed to ensuring that customers receive the best products on the market and benefit from expert advice and guidance.

Growcycle is crucial in linking the cannabis industry with direct-to-consumer manufacturers of various types of cannabis equipment and supplies. It extends its reach by servicing ancillary providers, fostering a holistic and interconnected network that amplifies efficiency and facilitates growth across the industry.

To sum up, through its B2C and B2B platforms, Weedbates and Growcycle have successfully nurtured a distinctive and thriving ecosystem. These two effectively bridge the gap between all stakeholders within the cannabis industry, from consumers to growers, dispensaries to equipment manufacturers, all within a single digital platform. This cohesive interconnection fuels Weedbates' position as a predominant force within the cannabis industry, propelling it towards a future characterized by growth, cooperative synergies, and triumphant success.


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Receive specialized support from a dedicated farm relationship manager and benefit from bulk pricing for large scale growing operations. 

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Become a Verified Supplier on Growcycle: Join our trusted network of suppliers and connect with 9.300 farms nationwide.

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Delve deep into the nuances of both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, share insights, and bring you the most recent developments from the wider world of the growing industry


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