Accelerant Manufacturing

The ultimate pre-roll dream machine is here. Automatically weigh, fill, pack, and twist up to 3,000+ cones per hour with no capital investment or overhead costs required.

The Accelerant PRO (Pre-Roll Operator) is the first Production as a Service (PaaS) pre-roll solution that costs less the more you roll. We provide the machine, maintenance, and scale to keep things running and charge only by the number of pre-rolls produced.

Your Production Co-Pilot

Most equipment providers require installation and training fees to get things rolling. We maintain and monitor all of our pre-roll machine parts for free to keep you running smoothly.


As former operators, we come from a place of mutual understanding to help you grow your revenue with minimal costs. We only get paid if you make money.


Think of us as your second set of eyes. We continually support your operations to improve margins through better software and hardware solutions.


While the technology is advanced, our product is simple to operate and effortless to maintain. We take care of the equipment so you can take care of your business.