Aeromixer isn't your average pump; it's a game-changer in plant feeding. This versatile pump can mix, aerate, or distribute feed mixtures to your plants, simplifying the feeding process. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting, Aeromixer is an ideal companion for your gardening needs.

Designed to tackle any challenge, Aeromixer is a powerhouse pump capable of handling up to 1/4 inch solids and 1/4 pound of fertilizer per gallon of water. This means you can feed your plants without worrying about clogs or solid material issues.

Aeromixer's standout feature is its ability to mix evenly, ensuring that every part of your garden receives the nutrients it needs. This results in healthier, more vibrant plants with minimal waste.Unlike traditional air stones, Aeromixer uses patented Aerojet Technology to inject air directly into the nutrient solution. This not only aerates the solution but also reduces the need for pH stabilizers, saving you time and money.