AmplifiedAg is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, committed to creating farms that use fewer resources, produce less waste, and generate more food to feed the world. We prioritize transparency and continuous improvement to advance our sustainable business strategy.

Our inaugural AmplifiedAg Sustainability Impact Update evaluates our operations, including scope 1 and 2 emissions, resource consumption, waste reduction, and other social and environmental impacts. This report also outlines our future goals and commitments.

By employing a closed-loop irrigation system, our hydroponic farms reduce water usage by up to 95% compared to conventional agriculture. We continuously develop innovative water conservation strategies to minimize usage and protect this crucial resource.

Food Waste Reduction

As a USDA Food Loss and Waste 2030 champion, we pledge to reduce organic waste in our operations by 50% by 2025, with the ultimate goal of total elimination. We achieve this through optimized harvesting, donations, and composting, ensuring responsible disposal and reducing waste-related emissions.

Our commitment to food safety is paramount. Our farms meet the highest global food safety standards, with lettuce grown in our enclosed, hydroponic systems protected from harmful contaminants and pests. AmplifiedAg's Vertical Roots farms hold USDA Harmonized GAP+ and FDA PrimusGFS certifications.

Emissions & Energy Efficiency

While vertical farming requires more energy to maintain controlled environments, we continuously improve our farms' efficiency and explore alternative energy sources. Our sustainability initiatives focus on reducing emissions and educating the public on environmentally conscious practices.AmplifiedAg designs modular, scalable farms that allow farmers to produce more food in less space.