Bio520 offers some of the best essential minerals for natural growth and enhancement, leveraging proprietary technology to boost nutrient absorption. Bio520's technology utilizes micro-pulverized minerals derived from unique ores formed over 10 million years ago. These ores blend volcanic magma, igneous rocks, and sea sediments, providing a rich mineral composition. 

The critical ingredient in Bio520 is silicon dioxide, the second most abundant element in the Earth's crust after oxygen. Typically, silicon dioxide in rock form is not bioavailable to plants and takes millennia to become accessible through natural weathering. Bio520 accelerates this process, delivering the most bioavailable form of natural silicon dioxide. 

Bio520's effectiveness has been rigorously tested in leading food and safety laboratories. For instance, Science of Cannabis Labs analyzed plants treated with Bio520 for over 400 chemicals and toxins. The results showed that all samples tested "below scientifically detectable levels" for heavy metals and other contaminants, confirming the product's safety and purity.