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Faust Bio-Agricultural Services, Inc (dba BioAg, bioag.com), is a manufacturing company specializing in organic bio-stimulants. Our products allow cultivators to grow plants efficiently reaching their genetic potential while meeting stringent state cannabis/hemp and organic crop regulatory standards around pesticide residue and heavy metals.

 The company was founded by the Faust family with their ultimate goal of providing innovative and alternative natural solutions for agriculture and animal health. In the last decade, as a demand for more eco-friendly solutions has increased, our company has experienced accelerated growth in controlled environment agriculture and specialty agriculture. 

We manufacture a complete Biostimulant package with the goal of reducing the use and need for synthetic or salt-based fertilizers/pesticides. All our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality and produce a consistent guaranteed analysis.

 Our products are designed to increase nutrient efficiency, combat abiotic stress, and improve qualitative parameters in crops. Each of these parameters improve the overall health of the crop and create economical returns for growers of all kinds. We have designed our products to work well in all growing systems in order to meet the needs of every grower that we support. With control over the manufacturing process of our products, we are able to create custom product blends to match the needs of each individual crop.