Blacksmith BioScience

Blacksmith Bioscience


Founded in 2016, Blacksmith BioScience is dedicated to revolutionizing agriculture through the development and sale of natural plant products and organic pesticides rooted in microbial technologies. Our mission is to significantly reduce or eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture by providing microbial alternatives that enhance soil fertility, plant nutrition, and crop yield.

Headquartered in Spring, Texas, we offer a diverse range of products including Armory SP, MegaPhos SP, Nitryx SP, NoFly WP, and Tenet WP. Each product targets specific aspects of plant health and pest control, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sustainable agriculture. Our products are OMRI® listed, making them suitable for use in organic farming systems and on a wide variety of crops such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and spices.

At Blacksmith BioScience, we leverage advanced technologies to deepen our understanding of microbial biology. This knowledge underpins our development of agricultural products that optimize existing soil nutrients, reduce the need for fertilizers, increase yields, and improve plant nutrition. Our long-term vision is to minimize harmful fertilizer and chemical runoff, thereby protecting ecological systems worldwide through the use of our innovative biofertilizers and biopesticides.

We are committed to the advancement of organic farming, ensuring that our products are compatible with most conventional pesticides and fertilizers. They can be applied through various methods, including foliar spray, soil drench, hydroponics, drip irrigation, and seed treatment. Our goal is to support sustainable agricultural practices that benefit both the environment and the farming community.