Blue Alpine


At Blue Alpine, we've engineered our machines to outperform all other home freeze dryers on the market. 

Our goal is simple: to help you dry more food faster and enjoy all the benefits of freeze-dried goodness.

Why Freeze Dry?

Did you know freeze-dried food retains up to 90% of its nutritional value? Unlike other drying methods like dehydration, which can destroy nutrients and lack shelf stability, freeze-dried foods maintain their nutritional content, flavor, and prolonged shelf life. Whether for at-home use, emergency preparedness, hiking, food storage, pet food, or snacks, freeze-dried foods are the perfect solution.

What Sets Us Apart?

In our comprehensive freeze dryer comparison, we'll show you why Blue Alpine freeze dryers stand out from the competition. With higher cooling capacities than similar machines, our freeze dryers process pounds of food at double the speed, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

Our freeze-dryer machines are proudly designed, developed, and manufactured in-house using a global supply chain. Based in Saint Anthony, Idaho, our dedicated team, founded by three brothers, values community and quality in every aspect of our business. As we continue to grow, we're committed to bringing the best of local talent to provide you with a homegrown product you can trust.

What Makes Us Different?

Here's what makes our freeze dryers stand out:

  • Assembled in the USA with the highest quality components.
  • Cubigel compressors for superior refrigeration performance.
  • 25%-50% more cooling capacity for faster batches.
  • Circulating fan for better food quality and quicker freeze times.
  • P100 filter protects your vacuum pump for extended lifespan.
  • Standard-sized trays for easy replacement.
  • Smart software with PID control technology for precise freeze drying.
  • Future-proof refrigerant (R1270) for sustainability.
  • Vacuum fittings with barbed fittings for leak-free operation.
  • Threadlocker seals for durability and reliability.
  • Extruded aluminum frame for exceptional strength.
  • Built-in recipes for optimized freeze-drying cycles.

Experience the Blue Alpine difference today and discover the superior quality of our home freeze dryers.