Deciding the packaging that will represent your brand can be a daunting task. What type of container, the material, the design, the presentation…all thoughts that rush through your head, it’s enough to make it spin! CannaZip is here to take the trouble and worry out of the equation. We offer stylish, professional, direct-to-package printing, giving your brand the look and feel of a major player in the market. With our no minimum order quantities, you don’t have to buy thousands of pieces to get a great price or a quality product. 

With industry leading fast turnaround and an easy ordering process, getting the perfect package seem almost too easy!  Now more than ever are short runs, high customization, and a professional presentation, the foundational building blocks, to meeting the needs of your customers, in a rapidly changing market. Our staff is dedicated to getting you the perfect package for your products as quick and painless as possible. Remember – the package and presentation is what makes a customer choose your brand over the product next to it. Don’t make the wrong decision and settle for a low-quality substitute. It’s too often that you get what you pay for, so why settle for less? Help make sure your product will be the one picked off the shelf with CannaZip.