Climate Control Systems

Climate Control Systems


Pioneering Sustainable Technology

Climate Control Systems Inc. is globally recognized for its groundbreaking water purification, recycling, and energy efficiency advancements. Our dedication to innovation not only reduces growers' costs and time but also promotes global environmental preservation.

A Strategic Alliance with Nebula Group

In 2019, we became part of the Nebula Group, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Nebula Group's mission focuses on revolutionizing food production and safety by decentralizing the food supply chain with sustainable resources, cutting-edge technology, and self-sufficient processes. Discover more at

Authorized Distributor of Watts Water Technologies

We proudly serve as an authorized North American distributor for Watts Water Technologies, providing comprehensive commercial reverse osmosis systems. Our state-of-the-art systems are implemented across Canada, the US, Mexico, and beyond, addressing the increasing need for robust environmental controls.

Our Mission

Climate Control Systems Inc. is committed to delivering the latest automation technology. Our goal is to simplify your operations by fully automating your growing environment with climate, irrigation, fertigation, and ozone water treatment systems, saving you time and money and boosting crop quality and yields.