Freight Farms


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a global infrastructure that transforms local access to food. At Freight Farms, we believe healthy food should be a right, not a luxury. We are committed to making fresh food accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time through our comprehensive platform of products and services — the Greenery™ S, farmhand®, and Client Services — empowering our global community of partners. This global infrastructure aims to revolutionize local food access for a more sustainable future, enhancing both environmental sustainability and community resilience and security. Together with our team and network of farmers, we strive to create an inclusive and future-focused world.

Our Reach

Today, Freight Farmers can be found around the world, from the snowy wilderness of Canada and the deserts of the Middle East to urban concrete jungles and beyond. Despite their diverse backgrounds, all our Freight Farmers share a common goal: to shorten the distance food travels from farm to table. Our farmers depend on container farms to provide high-quality, sustainable produce year-round.

Our Roots

Freight Farms was founded in 2013 by Brad McNamara and Jon Friedman, who recognized the need for urban agriculture to become a competitive force in the food industry. Initially focusing on rooftop greenhouses in 2010, they soon realized the need for a modular and scalable solution. To reduce costs and logistical challenges, Brad and Jon envisioned building their innovative technology inside shipping containers, which were plentiful and allowed for farming in areas unsuitable for traditional agriculture. Thus, Freight Farms was born with the mission to develop infrastructure and technology that supports local food production.