Grower's Choice


Who We Are

Our journey began with Grower’s Choice, a collective venture orchestrated by seasoned lighting and horticultural specialists based in Southern California. As a Manufacturer and Distributor, we exclusively disseminate our merchandise through our dependable and esteemed Authorized Grower’s Choice Partners. Our paramount objective has always been to furnish the indoor growing sector with a premium lighting solution, embodying our core principles of Quality, Reliability, Performance, and Value.

At Grower’s Choice, our overarching mission is to deliver unparalleled customer service experiences alongside cutting-edge products and emerging technologies, fostering more efficient and effective cultivation methodologies. Catering to the requirements of hobbyists, commercial enterprises, and specialty crop cultivators alike, we recognize and are committed to addressing our clientele's diverse and evolving needs. Continually striving to remain at the vanguard of innovation, we possess the dedication, expertise, and lighting proficiency necessary to pioneer and elevate the industry to new heights.