Electrivo 105W LED Panel

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  • Full-spectrum LED with longer exposure time to increase maximum output.
  • Suspending and ceiling mounting optional, lifting height range 6”-48”.
  • Sustainable packaging to minimize packaging and transportation cost.
  • Featuring nano-materials for best thermal conductivity and reduces product weight.
  • Constant current driver lifetime and high power factor>0.9
  • Flicker free to not disrupt grow cycle.
  • IP65 rated for high humidity environment application.


  • Length: 320mm (12.6”)
  • Width: 240mm (9.4”)
  • Height: 70mm (2.8”)
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Electrivo 105W LED Panel
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The Electrivo 105W LED Panel

Introducing the Electrivo 105W LED Panel – a cutting-edge lighting solution that combines advanced technology, impressive performance, and exceptional energy efficiency to elevate your indoor growing experience. This compact and versatile lighting system is perfect for hobbyists, small-scale growers, and horticulturists seeking to optimize plant growth, maximize yields, and enhance crop quality.

Key Features:

High-Performance 105W LED System

The Electrivo 105W LED Panel is powered by a state-of-the-art 105-watt LED array designed to deliver a full spectrum of light that closely mimics natural sunlight. This comprehensive spectrum coverage promotes healthy plant growth, impressive yields, and exceptional flowering results.

Panel Design

The innovative panel design provides optimal light distribution and penetration, ensuring uniform illumination and eliminating hotspots. This advanced design reduces shading and promotes even growth throughout your entire canopy.

Energy Efficiency

Built with the latest LED technology, the Electrivo 105W LED Panel offers significant energy savings compared to traditional HID lighting systems. This translates to lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint, all without sacrificing performance.

Customizable Light Intensity

The 105W LED Panel features a user-friendly dimming function, allowing you to tailor the light intensity to your plants' specific needs throughout their growth cycle ensures your plants receive the optimal amount of light at each stage, maximizing growth and yield potential.

Slim Profile and Lightweight Design

The Electrivo 105W LED Panel boasts a slim profile and lightweight design, making it perfect for small grow spaces and easy to install. This compact form factor allows you to make the most of your available growing area without sacrificing light quality or intensity.

Passive Cooling System

The Electrivo 105W LED Panel utilizes a state-of-the-art passive cooling system, effectively light without the need for noisy fans. This innovative design ensures quiet operation, prolongs the life of your LED diodes, and maintains optimal operating temperatures.

Full-Spectrum LED with Longer Exposure Time

The Electrivo 105W LED Panel features a full-spectrum LED that allows for longer exposure time, increasing maximum output and ensuring optimal plant growth throughout all stages.

Suspending and Ceiling Mounting Optional

The 105W LED Panel offers flexible installation options, including suspending and ceiling mounting, with a lifting height range of 6"-48". This versatility allows you to customize the lighting setup to suit your specific growing environment.

Sustainable Packaging

The Electrivo 105W LED Panel comes in eco-friendly packaging designed to minimize packaging and transportation costs while reducing its environmental impact.

Nano-Materials for Optimal Thermal Conductivity

Featuring advanced nano-materials, the 105W LED Panel provides superior thermal conductivity and reduces product weight, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Constant Current Driver and High Power Factor

The Electrivo 105W LED Panel is equipped with a constant current driver and a high power factor of >0.9, ensuring consistent performance, energy efficiency, and reliability.

Flicker-Free Lighting

The 105W LED Panel provides flicker-free lighting, ensuring a stable growing environment that won't disrupt your plants' grow cycle.

IP65 Rated for High Humidity Environments

With an IP65 rating, the Electrivo 105W LED Panel is designed for use in high humidity environments, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of indoor growing applications.

Elevate your indoor growing experience with the Electrivo 105W LED Panel. Experience the difference of advanced LED technology, superior light distribution, and energy-efficient performance. Enhance your plants' growth potential and enjoy impressive results with the 105W LED Panel today.

Electrivo 105W LED Panel Info

Electrivo 105W LED Panel Info

Electrivo 105W LED Panel Info

Electrivo 105W LED Panel Info


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