CoatPRO - Kief Coating Automation from Accelerant Manufacturing

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Brand: Accelerant
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Fits through a standard double door, Able to be connected to the PRO2 or PRO4

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Pre-roll Kief Coating Automation Description

Operators : 1
4 Up Configuration: up to 2,800/hr
2 Up Configuration: up to 1,400/hr
Curing capacity : up to 2 Hrs
Full Line Automation : Able to be connected to the PRO2 or PRO4
Compatible with : Joints, Blunts, Glass tips, Ceramic tips

Onboard Slack Support
Robotic arm unloading of units
Tray system for curing
Self contained spraying system
Dramatically reduces headcount 



Electrical : 20A, 208v, 3 phase, 5 Wire
Air : 5CFM Food Grade Air @90PSI
Connectivity : 2 dedicated ethernet connections

Fits through a standard double door
OSHA compliant
Made In USA


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Accelerant’s customer support and training has allowed us to grow our preroll business, and, become the largest player for this particular product in the state.
I’d absolutely recommend the PRO4 and GrindPRO. The quality and quantity of joints from the preroll machine has streamlined our production of infused dogwalkers.
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  • Dual lane German Load cells
  • Individually Weigh (Accuracy up to 0.01g)
  • Precision Filling
  • Automatic Cone Feeder
  • Automatically tamps while filling
  • Trim extra material off cone tips
  • Crown Tip finish / Twist Tip finish 
  • Compact and portable; standing at 4 ft tall
  • Fill Up to 20 high quality cones per minute
  • Designed in California, Manufactured in Canada
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty, Extendable after first year

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Brand: Accelerant
Size and Capacity Length- 34” Width- 30” Height0 58” Weight0 175 lbs. Hopper Capacity- 3985 in3 Process Capacity- 125 lb/hr Utilities  Voltage- 120v Phase- single Rated Power Input- 15A (1.8 KW) Hertz- 60 Communication- 1 Ethernet drop Plug Type- NEMA L5-20
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Brand: Accelerant
Size and Capacity Length- 21” Width- 15” Height- 30” Weight- 105 lbs. Hopper Capacity- 75 lbs. Process Capacity- 60 lb/hr Utilities Voltage- 120v Phase- single Rated Power Input- 8A (.96 KW) Hertz- 60 Plug Type- NEMA L5-15
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The PreRoll-Er 100 is a smaller compact design of the PreRoll-Er 200. The machine offers high-quality results in an ideal footprint for smaller floor areas. The PR100 produces up to 18 pre-rolls/min with an accuracy of 0.01g. Designed with advanced technology for a versatile and consistent output of pre-rolls.

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