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Endomycorrhizal Fungi, Soluble Humic Acids, Soluble Sea Kelp, Yucca Plant Extract, Trichoderma Fungi, Bacillus Bacteria, Pseudomonas Bacteria, and Streptomyces Bacteria

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Bring the full force of nature to your garden with GrowPito Beneficials, a power-packed, all-natural bio-enhancer designed to supercharge your plants' growth while fortifying their overall health. This specially curated blend harnesses the collective power of beneficial microorganisms and plant extracts to provide an optimal environment for your plants to thrive in.

Key Components:

Endomycorrhizal Fungi

With these beneficial fungi, your plants enjoy enhanced nutrient absorption and a stronger root structure. By extending the root system's reach, these microscopic partners help your plants access nutrients and moisture more effectively.

Soluble Humic Acids

Increase your soil's nutrient retention and stimulate root growth with humic acids. They also enrich soil water-holding capacity, reducing the need for frequent watering.

Soluble Sea Kelp

Known for its abundance of trace minerals, growth hormones, and enzymes, sea kelp promotes robust growth and equips your plants to resist stressors such as pests, disease, and weather variations.

Yucca Plant Extract

This natural wetting agent ensures even water distribution throughout the soil. Yucca extract helps to maximize water usage and curbs runoff, thereby promoting water conservation.

Trichoderma Fungi

These helpful fungi boost root development and assist in the decomposition of organic matter, making nutrients readily available to your plants.

Bacillus, Pseudomonas, and Streptomyces Bacteria: These vital bacteria aid in organic matter breakdown into plant-friendly nutrients and compete with harmful bacteria, serving as a protective shield for your plants.

GrowPito Beneficials is user-friendly and suitable for all types of plants and soils. It can noticeably enhance your plants' vitality, health, and yield, leading to a vibrant, productive garden ecosystem. From seasoned gardeners to green-thumbed novices, give your plants the advantage they need with GrowPito Beneficials. Empower your garden today with nature's best helpers.


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