Grow Light Controls

GrowFlux is a horticultural technology company dedicated to enhancing resource efficiency and expanding yields for indoor farms and greenhouses. We specialize in advanced automation and cloud technologies, offering solutions such as dimmers for grow lights and sophisticated grow light controls. Our systems enable app control, schedule management, PAR sensor integration, and more.

At GrowFlux, we are committed to delivering innovative control, automation, and energy solutions that result in significant cost and energy savings for the greenhouse and indoor farming industries. Our automation technologies leverage high-reliability wireless systems, user-friendly cloud-enabled software, and smart grid energy solutions, ensuring that growers stay competitive in a rapidly changing world.

Founded in 2016, GrowFlux was established to address the need for core technologies tailored specifically for the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry. Unlike many providers who adapt technologies from other sectors, we design our solutions with the unique scale and reliability requirements of agriculture in mind. We believe that the ease of use and reliability of our technology are fundamental to the success of growers, who are essential to the farming business.

In an ever-evolving market, GrowFlux remains at the forefront by offering cutting-edge technologies that enhance efficiency and sustainability within the CEA industry.

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