At KE GreenDuct, recognizing the uniqueness of each growth process, we continuously test vertical farming setups in both our full-scale laboratory and onsite locations. Leveraging our proprietary software, TBV-Designer, we simulate and visualize air distribution within racks with exceptional precision, enabling accurate prediction of air velocities over and between crops.

Our lineage in the food industry spans nearly half a century, with KE Fibertec, the parent company of KE GreenDuct, serving as a global leader in textile-based air distribution for food facilities. Having supplied thousands of systems to diverse food facilities, we prioritize optimized air distribution to ensure ideal conditions for products, minimize manual interventions due to uneven climates, and facilitate fast production cycles with top-tier product quality, all while adhering to stringent hygiene standards.

At KE GreenDuct, we build upon this rich legacy, focusing exclusively on growth facilities and their impact on crop growth. Our commitment lies in harnessing our expertise in microclimate and air distribution to optimize your crop's growth environment.