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The production of cannabis is a complex sector that is increasing rapidly, so professionals with substantial training and knowledge are required. Producers in the cannabis market must be current on all of the most recent advances in the sector, which may include new methods, trends, or legislation. Producers of cannabis are fortunate since a wide variety of high-quality podcasts are available to supply them with the information they need to succeed in their endeavors. As a method of staying updated and obtaining insight from professionals in the cannabis industry, podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular medium among cannabis growers.

In recent years, there has been a general increase in the number of people listening to podcasts across many industries, including the cannabis sector. Cannabis podcasts are essential to the cannabis media landscape and should not be ignored when formulating a cannabis public relations strategy. This is true whether your goal is to stay abreast of the most recent developments in the industry or to provide your spokespeople with an opportunity to be heard by the media. With the assistance of podcasts, the spokespeople for your brand will have the chance to experiment with new marketing messages, get experience conducting interviews, and have direct interactions with specialists in their industry.

Several podcasts cover a wide range of topics connected to cannabis, which you might find interesting to listen to. Each podcast has its distinct tone and purpose, allowing listeners to select the one that best suits their needs. There is a podcast that will cater to your needs, regardless of whether you are an expert gardener trying to perfect your methods or a newbie cultivator just getting your feet wet. Here are the most helpful cannabis-related podcasts for growers.

The Growing Popularity Of Cannabis Podcasts: Education, Advocacy, And Industry Insights

The word "cannabis podcast" refers to audio recordings that focus on the history, politics, and lifestyle around the use of marijuana. Specifically, cannabis podcasts can be found on the internet. These podcasts cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from talks of the most recent scientific studies on the medical marijuana benefits to interviews with leaders in the cannabis business and activists who are working to promote equality and justice in the cannabis sector.

There are a variety of podcasts that are dedicated to cannabis that offer talks and analyses of the most current scientific findings that are related to cannabis. These podcasts also describe the numerous cannabinoid chemicals and their physiological effects. The podcasts' emphasis on knowledge and education is a significant strength in their favor.

cannabis podcast host

Podcasts about cannabis are unique for several reasons, one of which is that they usually include conversations on political activism and social justice. Several of these podcasts emphasize the efforts of activists and advocates fighting to enhance fairness and justice in the cannabis industry. These podcasts also discuss how the drug war has unfairly harmed disadvantaged communities. These podcasts include a wealth of valuable information relevant to anyone interested in the social justice aspects of the cannabis industry.

Topics covered range from discussions on criminal justice reform to insights into the impact that cannabis legalization has had on communities of color. Podcasts are another medium that cannabis industry professionals and company owners may utilize to disseminate their knowledge to a larger audience and connect with listeners more personally. Several of these podcasts offer in-depth conversations with prominent cannabis businesses and professionals.

Cannabinoid Connect

Cannabinoids and their possible uses in health, wellness, and other areas are discussed in depth on the podcast Cannabis Connect, which is fun to listen to. Dr. Cameron Bravmann, well-known as an authority on the medical uses of cannabis, hosts a podcast that offers informed comments on the topic's current status. Cannabinoid Connect's commitment to the research of cannabinoids is one of the company's most notable characteristics.

Dr. Bravmann is an accomplished public speaker, and he frequently discusses the chemistry and biology of cannabis with his listeners. This contributes to the attainment of a deeper and more holistic comprehension of the possible medicinal and recreational advantages and hazards associated with the consumption of cannabis. Cannabinoid Connect is primarily concerned with the science of cannabinoids, but it also discusses various issues connected to the health, medicine, and other uses of cannabis. The podcast offers its listeners a wide variety of helpful information, ranging from talks of specific medical concerns and how cannabinoids may be able to help to insights into the health advantages of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid Connect is distinguished from other cannabis industry publications because its primary focus is on the commercial and regulatory elements of the cannabis industry. Dr. Bravmann is known for conducting interviews with influential people in the industry regularly to inform audience members about the most recent advancements and trends in the sector. The in-depth knowledge of the industry that Dr. Bravmann possesses makes Cannabinoid Connect one of its biggest assets.

He has significant expertise working with cannabis and a comprehensive grasp of both the possible advantages and hazards associated with using it. He is a researcher and a doctor. So, he is seen as a leader in the cannabis market, and his viewpoint is quite helpful to those who share his enthusiasm for the sector.

Broccoli Talk

The convergence of cannabis and pop culture is the focus of the first-of-its-kind podcast, Broccoli Talk. This podcast is hosted by the author and cannabis specialist Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, who looks into various canna-related issues. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Broccoli Talk is the prevalence of the cannabis counterculture. Broccoli Talk places more of an emphasis on the plant's role in the development of modern civilization. In contrast, most other podcasts in this field concentrate more on the scientific and medicinal aspects of the plant.

As participants in the show, diverse creative types who share an interest in cannabis and its cultural influence have been featured as guests. The fact that each speaker contributes their distinct point of view and experiences from their own life to the discussion makes it more intriguing and engaging for the audience to participate. This podcast offers an in-depth analysis of various cannabis strains and products and intriguing anecdotes about the substance's history and its influence on the poor.

cannabis podcasters

Broccoli Talk covers various current issues, in addition to the cultural relevance of cannabis, which is a primary focus of the podcast. Everyone interested in cannabis will find something of value in this program. One of the most striking aspects of Broccoli Talk is how seriously it takes its mission to destigmatize marijuana usage and normalize cannabis use.

Blunt Blowin’ Mama

A cannabis aficionado who also happens to be a mother, Blunt Blowin' Mom hosts a podcast discussing parenting and cannabis. The podcast titled "Blunt Blowin' Mom" offers listeners an intriguing and novel viewpoint on parenthood and cannabis. The difficulties of parenting while high, overcoming societal stigmas, and other issues are among the topics covered in this talk.

The fact that cannabis use and parenting are not glossed over in any way is one of the qualities that makes Blunt Blowin' Mom one of the greatest documentaries out there. The host is refreshingly open about her motherhood experiences concerning cannabis, and she encourages listeners to share comparable tales and thoughts on the topic. Thus, listeners are provided with a program that is not only friendly and enjoyable but also instructive and up-to-date.

Another aspect that differentiates Blunt Blowin' Mama from the competition is its significance in instructing appropriate cannabis consumption. The presenter has strong sentiments about the stigmatization of cannabis being removed and the support of proper usage, particularly in the context of fatherhood. She urges listeners to approach the use of cannabis with understanding and caution, and she emphasizes the significance of educating oneself about the plant and the possible advantages and hazards associated with it.

The podcast Blunt Blowin' Mom covers a wide variety of additional cannabis-related issues in addition to its primary focus on the intersection of cannabis and parenting. This podcast features in-depth discussions of various cannabis strains and products and informative interviews with key personalities in the cannabis industry. Anybody who is interested in the subject matter will find something of value in this podcast.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Blunt Blowin' Mama is its good influence on the community of cannabis-using parents. This podcast is an excellent opportunity for parents interested in cannabis and conscientious parenting to talk about their experiences, learn from the experiences of other parents, and share their own. It is also vital for parents who may feel alone or ostracized due to their cannabis usage to have a sense of community since this can help alleviate such feelings.

Dude Grows Show

Their podcast, which covers a wide range of topics related to the cannabis business, is hosted by two cannabis enthusiasts, Scotty Real and Dude. Both of these men are farmers and consumers of cannabis. In addition to being a highly listened to and entertaining podcast, The Dude Grows Show also contains a plethora of information vitally useful for anyone interested in growing cannabis.

The amount of time and consideration that "The Dude Grows Show" gives to growing cannabis is among the show's many admirable qualities. The gentlemen have a wealth of experience in the cultivation of cannabis, and they share their knowledge and ideas with listeners in a lively and exciting way. This podcast discusses a wide range of issues that are pertinent to cannabis growing, including cultivation techniques, strain reviews, and up-to-date information on the most recent advances and products in the business.

Weedbates Grow podcasts

The Dude Grows Show also delves into a wide variety of topics about recreational and cultural uses of the substance. With in-depth interviews with industry professionals and thought leaders and discussions of cannabis usage and associated legislation, this podcast provides listeners with a thorough and instructive overview of the cannabis sector. One of the most admirable aspects of the program is its advocacy for cannabis cultivation techniques that are both secure and kind to the surrounding ecosystem. The hosts usually emphasize the necessity of organic and sustainable agricultural practices and the hazards linked with the use of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals.

Listeners are allowed to ask questions to the podcast's hosts, considered experts in their fields, through segments and features such as "Grower's Questions." the context in which the episode is presented is both astute and comedic is one of the show's most vital points. The lively and conversational manner in which the hosts carry out their duties provides for shows that are both enjoyable and educational.

Seed To CEO

The Seed to CEO podcast delves into the business and startup the world of cannabis industry. An advocate and writer for the cannabis industry, Sara Brittany Somerset also presents a podcast in which she conducts in-depth conversations with some of the field's most forward-thinking and successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. The fact that Seed to CEO focuses such a strong emphasis on the commercial aspects of the cannabis sector is one of the program's most notable strengths.

This podcast examines the possibilities and obstacles that cannabis entrepreneurs and business executives confront and the techniques and methods that have led to their success. Specifically, the program focuses on the cannabis industry in the United States. Seed to CEO is an excellent resource for anybody interested in the business side of the cannabis industry. It covers a wide range of topics, from discussions of business models and marketing techniques to insights into the legal landscape and investment possibilities.

Seed to CEO differentiates itself from its rivals in the cannabis market in part because of its dedication to promoting equity and social fairness within the sector. Hence, Seed to CEO is not only an intriguing look behind the scenes of the cannabis industry but also a vital forum for promoting equity and social justice in the sector. The podcast delves into the issues encountered by underrepresented groups in the cannabis industry and the measures taken by business executives and activists to break down these barriers in typical episodes.

The list of visitors is one of the many outstanding features that Seed to CEO possesses, but it is easily the greatest. Conversations with key figures in the cannabis industry, ranging from company owners and financiers to policymakers and advocates, are featured on this podcast. The information and experience these presenters offer to the event are extensive, and their insights into the cannabis business are pretty helpful. Listening to Seed to CEO is a must for anybody serious about expanding their knowledge of the startup environment.

The People Are Blunt

The popular podcast "The People Are Blunt" focuses mainly on in-depth conversations around the cannabis world and other forms of activism. David Jenison is a seasoned cannabis journalist, author, and contributor to L.A. Weekly. He also presents a podcast in which he talks to notable players in the cannabis industry. They vary from campaigners and activists to business entrepreneurs and legislative representatives.

The commitment of "The People Are Blunt " to activism and the advancement of equality in the cannabis sector is one of the company's most noteworthy strengths. This episode examines the disproportionate impact that the drug war has had on communities that are already on the margins of society, as well as the efforts that activists and advocates have made to bring about equality and justice in the field. The People Are Blunt provides a wealth of content that is vital for anyone interested in the social justice aspects of the cannabis industry. This content ranges from discussions of criminal justice reform and equity measures to insights into the impact that cannabis legalization has had on communities of color.

cannabis social equity podcast

The People Are Blunt is a publication that distinguishes out from the crowd for a number of other reasons as well, the most notable of which is the coverage it provides on cannabis and the arts. The podcast contains conversations with a diverse collection of musicians, authors, and other artists whose work has been influenced by cannabis. These dialogues throw some very interesting light on the ways in which cannabis has affected and inspired the creative process, as well as the cultural movements that it has created.

The fact that The People Are Blunt manages to provide its viewers with entertainment and information is one of the show's most remarkable qualities. David Jenison, the host, is an expert interrogator, and his chats with his guests are thought-provoking and amusing. Additional segments and features of the show include something called "Cannabis Culture News," in which Jenison examines and analyzes recent events that have occurred in the domain of cannabis culture and activism.

Cannabis Advocate

Cannabis Advocate is a podcast that delves into the realm of cannabis culture and advocacy, with a particular emphasis on the ways in which cannabis may be utilized to advance concerns of social justice and equity. Brandon David, a seasoned professional in the cannabis industry, hosts this podcast, which contains conversations with a diverse array of guests, ranging from activists and business owners to politicians and others. Cannabis Advocate is an online publication that covers the cannabis industry.

One thing that sets Cannabis Advocate apart from its competitors is the company's dedication to social responsibility and equality in the cannabis sector. Anyone interested in the social justice aspects of the cannabis industry will find a wealth of helpful content on Cannabis Advocate, ranging from discussions of criminal justice reform and equity attempts to insights into the impact of cannabis legalization on communities of color. One thing that sets Cannabis Advocate apart from its competitors is the importance that the organization focuses on knowledge and education.

On the show, the science that underpins cannabis is discussed rather frequently, and there are parts dedicated to the various components and their effects on the body. This book, with its approachable tone and exciting material, is an excellent resource for anybody who is interested in the possible medicinal applications of cannabis. Cannabis Advocate is famous for having a large viewership, which is a positive quality of the website. In-depth conversations with key players in the cannabis industry, such as cannabis companies owners, investors, government officials, and activists, are featured on this podcast. The information and experience these presenters offer to the event are extensive, and the insights they provide into the cannabis business are pretty helpful.

Marijuana Today

The podcast Marijuana Today has gained much popularity in recent years because it keeps its listeners abreast of all the most recent occurrences in the legal marijuana market. Interviews with cannabis industry leaders, executives, politicians, and academics are included on this podcast, which Kris Krane created. Topics covered include the most recent political and legislative changes in the cannabis business and comments on those developments.

One of the most appealing aspects of Marijuana Today is that it places a strong focus on timely debates and breaking cannabis news. This podcast covers the most recent happenings in the cannabis business, including recent moves toward legalization as well as the findings of the most recent scientific study on the medical advantages of cannabis. Consequently, it is an excellent resource for anybody who wants to remain current with the rapidly developing cannabis sector.

how to grow cannabis podcast

Marijuana Today separates itself from other publications, particularly owing to its emphasis on advocacy and policy. The program frequently features politicians and activists who are trying to legalize and regulate cannabis as guests on the show, and episodes often cover the most recent developments in cannabis law and policy. These conversations shed some insight into the political context of the cannabis sector, and they bring to light the efforts of people who are fighting to make the industry more fair and just.

Marijuana Today's layout is both fascinating and instructive, making it one of the publication's most remarkable features. The host, Kris Krane, is an expert interrogator, and his discussions with his guests never fail to stimulate deep thinking. This Week in Weed" and "Marijuana Policy Project Update" are just two of the segments and features on the show that shine a light on the most recent developments in the marijuana market. The show also includes a number of other segments and features that do the same thing.

Wine, Weed, And Weave

There is a podcast called Wine, Weed, and Weave that discusses the challenges women of color face while working in the legal cannabis industry. It is essential to highlight the efforts of black and brown women in the cannabis sector who are working to improve diversity and inclusion via their work as activists, educators, and business owners so that their efforts receive the visibility they deserve. This exposure is being provided as part of an attempt to acknowledge and encourage the efforts put forward by these ladies. The majority of conversations are still held with one hand on a bottle of wine or a joint, despite the fact that truthfulness and legal compliance are highly prized.

Cannabis Tech Talks

Executives from the cannabis industry share their insights on the commercial, scientific, and technical developments driving the industry forward during the entertaining and enlightening presentations featured on Cannabis Tech Talks. These presentations range in length from ten to twenty minutes. Those who also create the professional newspaper Cannabis and Tech Today, which is released quarterly, are responsible for producing the podcast.

It is only normal to predict that a relatively novel type of media, such as podcasts, will coexist with an equally innovative sector, such as the legalization of marijuana. This is because podcasts are a kind of media created recently. All of the cannabis public relations efforts that are undertaken should include the use of cannabis podcasts as a means of keeping up to date with the latest developments in the cannabis industry.

The Grow From Your Heart Podcast

Grow From Your Heart is widely considered one of the most popular and respected podcasts in the cannabis industry. Because Rasta Jeff is so dedicated to assisting his listeners in becoming better cannabis growers, the podcast's popularity has steadily risen throughout the course of its existence. The podcast delves into a wide range of topics related to the growing of cannabis, including issues such as seed banks, nutrition, lighting, and many more.

Rasta Jeff is a seasoned gardener who offers tips based on his personal experiences and research and observations he's done. This podcast distinguishes itself from others because it frequently interviews farmers and industry experts. These interviews are what makes this podcast so unique.

indoor cannabis cultivation

A significant advantage of the Grow From Your Heart Podcast is its capacity to engage listeners with varying degrees of growing expertise. Some of the episodes are geared toward more experienced experts, while others are created with beginners in mind. So, a wide variety of listeners, regardless of their experience level, may find that they like listening to podcasts.

The Grow From Your Heart Podcast is unique for a number of reasons, one of which is that it places a premium on eco-friendliness and long-term sustainability. Rasta Jeff is a prominent supporter of organic farming and other sustainable production approaches. He routinely provides farmers with information and suggestions that they may use to lessen their operations' adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

The Grow From Your Heart Podcast is not only an excellent resource for cannabis plant cultivators, but it also contributes to the development of a feeling of community among the individuals who work in the business. It is easier to feel that one understands and is appreciated by one's fellow audience members when there is a discussion going in both directions between the host and the audience members, as well as among the audience members' themes.

The Cannabis Cultivation And Science Podcast

The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast hosted by Dr. Allison Justice is widely considered an authoritative source within the cannabis production industry. In each episode, Dr. Justice, a well-known cannabis scientist and educator is the featured guest. His knowledge is highlighted throughout each episode.

The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast is distinguished by the fact that it provides evidence to support the assertions it makes. Dr. Justice can deliver sound, evidence-based recommendations to her audience due to her considerable knowledge in the scientific field. This enables producers to make better-informed judgments regarding the procedures they use in their production, which is especially crucial in a market that is rife with misinformation and fallacies.

weed podcast guests

This podcast is famous for the emphasis that is placed on being environmentally responsible and conscientious. Dr. Justice is very generous with his knowledge and expertise. He routinely shares it with local farmers in order to assist them in minimizing the harm they cause to the surrounding ecosystem and adopting more environmentally friendly agricultural methods. This motivates farmers to use environmentally friendly methods and to think about the consequences their activity will have in the long run.

The Cannabis Farming and Science Podcast not only encourages a feeling of community among producers by covering themes such as science and sustainability but also encourages farmers to debate issues other like environment considerations. Dr. Justice makes it a habit to regularly conduct interviews with notable members of the expanding community to provide his audience access to diverse viewpoints and original thoughts. Thus, a discussion between the host and listeners, as well as among the listeners themselves, is encouraged, which ultimately leads to the development of a feeling of shared knowledge and expertise.

The Pot Cast

The Pot Cast is a podcast that is both entertaining and educational, and it covers all topics relating to cannabis. It is hosted by Ian Beckles and Spencer Kalker. When it comes to cannabis, The Pot Cast covers all there is to know about marijuana, from breaking news and legislation to popular culture and the arts.

One of The Pot Cast's most defining characteristics is that the show's hosts consistently address the serious and humorous sides of the cannabis industry. During some show focus on the more severe aspects of the cannabis industry, such as legalization and regulation, others showcase the plant's potential in the artistic and cultural spheres. The podcast has the potential to appeal to a large audience, irrespective of the listeners' previous experiences or areas of specialization.

pot podcasts

The podcast is extremely intriguing and pleasant to listen to due to Ian and Spencer's one-of-a-kind combination of comedic timing and insightful commentary in each episode. The relationship that exists between the show's hosts is one of the things that most distinguish it. In addition to giving an intelligent analysis of recent happenings in the industry, the hosts have an intuitive talent for keeping the conversation moving and keeping the audience engaged.

The interviews that are featured on The Pot Cast are conducted on a consistent basis with well-known people in the cannabis industry. As a result, listeners get access to a diverse collection of points of view and concepts. People who work in the cannabis sector stand to gain from this development since it encourages a spirit of camaraderie and the sharing of information and experience.

The Pot Cast promotes the proper use of cannabis and seeks to lessen the stigma connected with it, in addition to providing programming that is entertaining and instructive for its listeners. The hosts engage in regular conversation on the detrimental effects of the "War on Drugs" on underserved areas and the medicinal applications of cannabis. So, there will be an increase in cannabis consumers who use the drug responsibly and compassionately.

The Grow Show With Kyle Kushman

Those who are interested in learning more about cannabis production should listen to The Grow Show With Kyle Kushman, which is a fantastic podcast with a plethora of information. This podcast is hosted by an industry icon by the name of Kyle Kushman, and it covers a wide range of topics, ranging from plant breeding and genetics to growing techniques and supplies. The show's advocacy for organic and environmentally responsible farming practices is undoubtedly one of its most admirable qualities.

Kushman is a big proponent of organic agricultural techniques, and he frequently discusses the good benefits that can be obtained from things like composting and natural fertilization. Kushman is also the author of several books on the subject. This podcast is an excellent resource for farmers concerned about the environment and interested in gaining more knowledge about environmentally friendly agricultural techniques.

Kushman is widely considered the finest genetics specialist in the cannabis market, and his guidance on selecting and producing top-tier strains is highly sought after. Furthermore remarkable is the Grow Show's concentration on breeding and genetics-related topics. Growers who wish to make their own strains or are simply inquisitive about the genetics of their favorites will find the podcast a fantastic resource.

In addition to content devoted to various growing techniques, each episode of The Grow Show is released every month and has interviews with industry professionals and farmers. Not only does this provide listeners with access to diverse points of view, but it also assists growers and aficionados in feeling a greater sense of connection. One of the most striking aspects of the event is how comprehensively Kushman is versed in the many aspects of the industry. Throughout the course of the past thirty years, he has been working in the cannabis industry, and his plants have garnered him a number of accolades.

The Grow Show With Kyle Kushman will prove to be a very helpful resource for anyone interested in learning more about cannabis cultivation. Because it focuses on organic and sustainable producing methods, genetics and breeding, and insights from industry professionals, the podcast has become an essential listening experience for producers and lovers.

The Bottom Line

The manufacturing of cannabis is a complicated industry that is expanding at a rapid rate; as a result, there is a demand for specialists who have extensive education and expertise in the field. Producers in the cannabis market are required to stay abreast of all of the most recent developments in the industry. These developments take the form of new methodologies, trends, or pieces of law. Cannabis cultivators are in a fortunate position since there is a large selection of high-quality podcast content accessible to provide them with the information they require to be successful in their undertakings. Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular medium among cannabis farmers, both as a means of keeping up to date and gaining information from professionals working in the cannabis sector.

It's possible that you'll find it intriguing to listen to one of the many podcasts that cover a wide variety of subjects related to cannabis. Each podcast has its own distinct tone and purpose, giving listeners the ability to choose the program that most closely meets their requirements. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced gardener looking to hone your techniques or a novice cultivator just getting your feet wet; there is a podcast that will suit your specific requirements. This article provides a list of the cannabis producers' most beneficial podcasts connected to the plant.

The term "cannabis podcast" refers to online audio broadcasts that discuss topics such as the culture, politics, and lifestyle around the usage of marijuana. Podcasts pertaining to cannabis may be specifically located on the internet. These podcasts cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from discussions of the most recent scientific research on the medical benefits of cannabis to interviews with leaders in the cannabis business and activists who are trying to promote equity and justice in the cannabis sector.

There are a number of podcasts that are exclusively devoted to cannabis and that include discussions and evaluations of the most recent cannabis-related scientific results. Also, several cannabis compounds and their physiological effects have been discussed in these episodes. The fact that podcasts place a big focus on learning and information is a major point in their favor.

Cannabis-related podcasts stand apart from other types of audio content for a number of reasons, one of which is the common inclusion of discussions on political activity and social justice. The efforts of cannabis industry activists and advocates to improve fairness and justice are highlighted in a number of these podcasts. These programs also explore the ways in which the drug war has unfairly hurt underserved populations. [Case in point:] These podcasts provide a plethora of useful material that is applicable to anybody who is interested in the social justice facets of the cannabis industry.

Discussions on how to improve the criminal justice system are interspersed with investigations of the ways in which communities of color have been affected by the legalization of cannabis. Podcasts are an additional channel that professionals working in the cannabis industry and business owners may use to communicate their expertise to a wider audience and to interact with listeners on a more personal level. Some of these podcasts feature in-depth discussions with well-known experts and company owners in the cannabis industry.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.


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