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Increase Your Efficiency With A Vape Cartridge Filling Machine

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A vape cartridge filling machine is a device that automates filling vape cartridges with e-liquid, cannabis oil extracts, or other substances. These machines are designed to make filling cartridges faster, easier, and more precise. They can handle various cartridge types and sizes and can be used in small and large-scale production settings.

The manufacture of vape carts has been significantly speeding up and altered in ways that were not conceivable before the invention of the cartridge-filling machine. If staff are still manually loading vape cartridges, your business has to make some improvements. Any company would be wise to invest in a distillate cartridge filling machine since this is a move that is both clear and evident.

There's no denying the popularity of hand-crafted delicacies flavored with cannabis. However, as cannabis legalization spreads across the country, so does the demand from the current subculture that surrounds cannabis. A group of people who use cannabis is interested in standardizing their day-to-day practices for medical and recreational purposes. Parents, students, employees, caretakers, and would-be company entrepreneurs are all forward-thinking, hard-working, multitasking, and determined individuals.

People who buy cannabis increasingly want strong, covert vape carts with attractive flavors for fast bursts of calm whenever needed. These people also want to be able to utilize the hits whenever they want. No other form of the substance can compare to the efficiency and ease of use offered by vape cartridges prefilled with a cannabis concentrate. The concentrated vape oil cartridge filling machine simplifies the process of filling hundreds or even thousands of vape cartridges daily, which enables you to keep up with the needs of your steadily expanding client base.

What Is A Vape Cartridge Filling Machine?

When utilizing a machine, one can quickly fill hundreds, if not thousands, of vape cartridges. Investing in a cartridge-filling kit may lead your firm to manufacture many vape carts daily. However, two distinct kinds of cart-filling machines are available, wholly automatic and partially automatic, and both have their own set of benefits to offer.

A cartridge refilling machine, as its name suggests, is capable of doing any tasks that are required of it. When the heated oil reservoir is filled, the filling volume is selected, and empty vape carts are inserted into the appropriate slots in the filling tray, the vape cartridge filler takes over and automatically fills the vape carts. Some automated cartridge-filling equipment can load concentration dab syringe applicators successfully. The design of these automatic oil refill machines is capable of filling thousands of cartridges in just a few short hours.

Despite being equally helpful and practical as the automated cartridge filler, the semi automatic cartridge filler creates fewer filled vape carts daily than the automatic vape cartridge filling machine. The expense of purchasing a semi-automatic cart filler is significantly less than that of a fully automated cart filling piece of equipment. Nevertheless, purchasing an automatic distillate cartridge refill system is a wise investment that will cover its initial cost in the long run.

 The more vape cartridges you can manufacture, the more cash you will generate and the further you can expand your company. If you are currently in a situation where you have the financial means to do so, it is highly suggested that you invest in a THC or CBD oil-filling machine. If your organization still needs to be ready to automate its production processes completely, semi-automatic oil-filling machines are an excellent location to start automating some of those procedures.

What Concentrates Can A Cart Filling Machine Handle?

Even though most cart-filling machines are versatile enough to handle any concentration, specific models and brands are more adaptable than others. You are probably well aware that cannabis concentrates need low viscosities and particular features that make them safe to inhale to be used in vape pens. Even though CBD oil, which is a standard cannabis oil for oral use, is theoretically thin enough to be able to be vaped (and flow through the vape cartridge machine), doing so would be very risky.

The variable volume cartridge filling tool features a filling hole that is sufficiently tiny to accommodate vape cartridges despite its name. Distillates comprise the great majority of concentrates used for filling vape carts. This is because distillates have an extraordinarily low viscosity, making them suitable for semi-automatic and automated vape cartridge-filling machines. Distillates are extremely potent extract compositions that give the powerful and calming effect that most individuals who use vaporizers are searching for. Distillates can be found in most vaporizers.

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) extracts are perfect for use in oil filling and packaging machinery because they produce vape juices that are smooth, powerful, and frequently pleasant while keeping more components of the plant than distillates do. CO2 extraction is one of the safest and cleanest extraction procedures, which is a significant selling feature for today's health-conscious cannabis buyers. In comparison, solvent extraction is one of the riskiest and dirtiest methods.

Because it is easy to use, palatable, potent, and clean, live resin is gaining favor as a capable concentrate. Because of its low viscosity, it is appropriate for cartridge-filling equipment that can be operated automatically or by hand. However, most cart filler machines contain heated cartridge filler components, which enables concentrates with a greater viscosity to become more liquid and then flow through the cart filler machine.

Does Your Business Need An Oil Filling Machine?

It all depends on where you are now and where you want to go with your company regarding whether you need a THC or CBD oil cartridge-filling machine. Do you use a machine to fill your vape cartridges with distillate, or do you still load them by hand? If that's the case, it might be time to invest in an oil-filling machine that takes care of everything independently. If you have been on the fence about purchasing a cartridge machine, this should be a message that now is a good time to go ahead and make the purchase.

A vape cartridge filling machine might be helpful if you have been attempting to improve the production of your vape carts to satisfy your customers' demand or enter a new market. After installing a machine that fills pen cartridges, a company has the potential to expand its daily output by thousands of units. The more the number of goods that you release into the market, the greater the likelihood that cannabis end users will become familiar with your brand.

It is beautiful that distillate cartridge filling equipment of both the semi-automated and automatic varieties can function with the many standard designs of vape cartridges. You can utilize an AVD Liberty or CCELL cartridge filling machine, thanks to the fact that two different versions of the Thompson Duke cart filling machine may serve as either of these devices. This applies regardless of the technology that your firm employs or intends to employ in the future.

What Is The Most Effective Automatic Shopping Cart Filler?

If you operate a small company with a committed team, you can get by with a semi-automatic THC or CBD oil cartridge-filling machine. This is the case if you fill your cartridges for your products. Compared to manually filling cartridges, the semi-automatic Thompson Duke distillate cartridge filler substantially increases daily productivity, with the ability to load up to five thousand vape cartridges per day (depending on the viscosity of your concentrates and the pace at which you operate). This is accomplished by filling cartridges at up to five thousand per hour.

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Suppose you run a large-scale cannabis business and produce various products, including concentrates and vape cartridges. In that case, you should seriously consider investing in automated cart-loading equipment. The Thompson Duke automatic cart filler machine has the capacity to fill 1,600 vape cartridges every hour, which is far more than the production of an assembly line that is staffed by hundreds of dynamic individuals.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Cartridge Filling Machine

The appropriate filling machine can increase production while reducing waste and ensuring consistent and precise fills. The scale of your output and the size of your financial commitment are the two most important considerations when selecting the appropriate machinery for your business. Still, if you find a vape cartridge filling machine for sale, there are also a few more to bear in mind.


There is a cap on the variety of cartridge and device configurations that specific fully-automatic filling machines can accommodate before they require either a physical retooling process or the installation of extra proprietary hardware. Find software that can be customized to run on your device and install that.

Product Assistance

Learning how to use and repair complicated filling equipment could be more difficult. Ask any possible equipment suppliers about their approach to customer care, how long it takes to receive replacement components, and how soon they can send someone to your plant if an issue arises.

Data Collection And Reporting

Because cannabis is becoming legal in an increasing number of jurisdictions, it is critical that you carefully consider how you may include data collecting in your manufacturing process. Some fully automated filling machines contain reporting elements that may be used to assess production patterns and provide an extra layer of quality assurance. These features can also be used to report on the quality of the product.

Cleaning Procedure

The cleaning strategy utilized either between strains or at the finish of the working day is a vital component of the cartridge filling operation. It is common for producers who are not accustomed to automated filling equipment to minimize the significance of this characteristic. Find machines that employ a method that is both efficient and automated to clean in place to save time and effort.

Types Of Filling Machines

Filling machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically, depending on the manufacturer's preference. For instance, Latini Hohberger's Liquid Machine, a trailblazer in the world of culinary machinery, has quickly become an indispensable tool for producing efficient, high-quality edibles. Much like the advancements that vape cartridge filling machines brought to the vaporizing industry, this machine has revolutionized the edible production process with its precision, reliability, and efficiency. 

With its wide range of automated systems, Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec can rapidly produce a substantial quantity of edibles, reducing labor costs and increasing output. This parallel in efficiency demonstrates how technological advancements in both vaping and edibles production are shaping the future of consumption in the cannabis industry.

As the vape machines simplified and improved the cartridge filling process, Latini-Hohberger's equipment have achieved a similar feat for edible production, automating a process that was previously manual and time-consuming. Their exceptional lineup of equipment, designed for the creation of CBD/THC infused gummies, candies, and liquid-based items, positions them as a leading innovator and go-to solution in the cannabis edibles industry.


Regardless of the advancement we have seen in automation technology across cannabis-derived products such as vape pens and edibles, it is still possible to use manual equipment, which, because it is often used to fill a single cartridge at a time, requires less space and has a cheaper initial cost. In filling by hand, utensils such as syringes and hotplates are utilized to keep the oil at the appropriate consistency for insertion. Because distillate is denser than water, it must be heated consistently throughout filling to avoid bottlenecks. When filling by hand, you will require some form of heating device, the particulars of which will be determined by the type of oil you are dealing with. Because they are derived from cannabis, the terpenes that may be found in live resin are particularly vulnerable to being destroyed by high temperatures.

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Jars made of glass are often used for the initial stage of manufacturing to manufacture any form of oil. After that, the oil containers are placed in a massive convection oven and cooked until the fat melts. After that, the jar is put on a hot plate so that the temperature of the oil can be maintained, and a heat gun is used to heat the sides and the top. The jar containing live resin is set above a hot plate, but a separate heat gun is not required when working with live resin.

A thermometer is helpful when it's necessary to keep a careful watch on the temperature of the oil that contains the live resin since it's sometimes required to monitor the temperature very closely. When manually filling cartridges, a scale is an essential piece of equipment since, due to the high strength of the contents of cartridges, state regulation prohibits filling them to their maximum capacity. Thus, a scale determines the quantity of oil poured into each cartridge.

A syringe is another vital piece of equipment to have on hand when filling by hand. When filling by hand, glass syringes with volumes ranging from 3 to 10 milliliters are frequently used as the container of choice. For heating, smaller syringes are employed as there is a possibility that the oil would clog a 10 ml syringe.

The lubricant that is included in some syringes of industrial quality might be the reason for the cloudy appearance that the cartridge has after it is filled. Customers may detect cloudiness in the oil, but there is no need to be concerned about their health due to this. Not only does manually filling cartridges take more time and require the assistance of an operator, but it also raises the risk that contaminants such as pollutants may be transferred into the cartridges.

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There are also filling machines that are fully automated available. These can fill around 2,000 vape cartridges per hour (the amount varies depending on the equipment), which can help enhance production speed by reducing the required human interaction. There are advantages to using each kind of filing machine, but electronic filing systems that don't require paper are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. 

Automatic devices have a higher initial cost than their manual equivalents. Still, they frequently repay their expenses and then some within a meaningful return on investment (ROI) time, which, depending on the conditions, can range from a few months to many years. After a production run has been loaded and processed, the software takes over and operates the pump, fill volumes, and environmental controls. An operator is required to do relatively little throughout this process.

There is a decreased possibility that pollutants may enter the tanks, and the amount contained within each tank has been more uniformly distributed. The capping systems commonly included in automated equipment improve the rate at which items may be sealed and the uniformity achieved by doing so. The cost of operating a filling machine is higher than the cost of employing a human worker since it requires constant supervision. However, there are issues associated with the utilization of automated tools. 

There are several distinct kinds of completely automated filling equipment, each of which has the potential to cut down on waste. There is a significant possibility that more waste will be produced if the automatic machinery is not installed, calibrated, and maintained correctly. The product will still be thrown away even if an error occurs when utilizing automatic filling equipment.

Filling jobs are traditionally performed by humans; however, automatic filling devices have recently become more popular due to their increased productivity and lower overall cost. Because more individuals control the process, there is a more significant potential for errors; nevertheless, the initial setup costs are far lower, and the overall footprint is significantly smaller. Manual filling guns might be the best vape cartridge filling machine for your business if it is just getting started or if it only distributes products in small batches because of the nature of its business. 

Semi-automatic vape cartridge filling machine offers an approach to bridging the gap between the previously mentioned techniques. Individual mechanical gear pieces can weigh up to 300 pounds, and designated staging locations are required. Consumption is limited to the volume that can be accommodated by the one conducting the hand filling.

There are challenges peculiar to semi-automatic devices. These are perfect for companies who require filling done in moderate to large volumes but need the means to invest in a fully automated process. Although semi-automatic systems can fill a single cartridge or a small batch at a time, holding the cartridge to the nozzle and securing the cap typically requires the assistance of a human operator. A drawback is the amount of time spent manually capping the cartridge after loading it.

When oil is kept in the open, it can oxidize, and if it is settled before the cap is put on, it might leak. Because a vacuum is produced when the cartridge is closed, gravity is no longer a factor in the operation of the device. This keeps the oil from seeping out of the cartridge. The semi-automatic filling system has a small footprint and requires little upkeep, contributing to its increased production capacity while minimizing the associated cost increase.

Benefits Of Using A Vape Cartridge Filling Machine

In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of vape cartridge-filling machines as a result of the numerous benefits that these machines offer to makers of vape cartridges of various sizes. By maximizing the efficiency of the filling process for vape cartridges, these products will help producers save time and money.

Increased Productivity

Utilizing a machine that fills vape cartridges offers several advantages, one of the most significant being productivity improvement. Filling vape cartridges by hand may be time-consuming, particularly for manufacturing plants focusing on volume. Producers can boost production by using a filling machine to fill many cartridges at once while reducing the time needed to complete each batch's cycle.

Consistent Quality

The only way to provide consumers with a consistent experience when vaping is to utilize equipment built expressly to fill vape cartridges with the appropriate amount of oil or liquid. It is of the utmost significance that smaller-scale producers, who may need more resources to personally test the uniformity of each cartridge, adhere to this standard. By utilizing a filling machine, producers can verify that each cartridge satisfies its quality requirements, which may contribute to an improved public perception of the brand.

Cost Savings

Another advantage of employing a machine to fill vape cartridges is the prospect of cost reductions. This is an attractive proposition. Adding the large human expenditures connected with manual filling is optional because the cost of filling materials is already relatively high. Using a filling machine can assist in lowering the overall cost of production by reducing the amount of trash and labor required. As a result of the machine's consistently high quality, fewer cartridges are rejected, resulting in lower prices.


Vape cartridge filling machines provide manufacturers with a high degree of adaptability, allowing them to work with a wide range of different types and sizes of cartridges, which benefits the manufacturers. So, manufacturers can produce many cartridge sizes with a single piece of machinery, which allows them to minimize their expenditures on capital goods while increasing their output.

Options For Customization

Granular controls are a feature offered on many different filling machines for vape cartridges. These controls allow manufacturers to customize the filling process to meet their requirements. Variations in fill density, viscosity, and other qualities are examples of these differences. The availability of these customizing possibilities may motivate producers to think of new ways to make their products stand out from the competition.

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Improved Safety

Utilizing a manual filling approach may provide some difficulties when working with chemicals or other potentially hazardous products. Using a filling machine may significantly reduce the risk of spills and other mishaps, resulting in an enhanced working environment for manufacturing workers.

Drawbacks Of Using A Vape Cartridge Filling Machine

Many individuals utilize equipment developed expressly to fill vape cartridges with e-juice in today's world. Their widespread usage has several drawbacks, even though the benefits of their speed and ease significantly outweigh those drawbacks.


One of the most significant negatives of utilizing a machine to fill vape cartridges is the expense involved. A considerable pricing spread for such devices ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. This pricing may be beyond reach for certain vape manufacturers working on a smaller scale, particularly those just starting in the industry. Costs associated with upkeep and maintenance are also likely to accumulate over time.

The Learning Curve

The steep learning curve that comes with utilizing a machine to load vape cartridges is another disadvantage of this method. To acquire the hang of these gadgets, which need technical know-how and skill, it may be necessary to engage in trial and error. Beginners may need help with this, resulting in lost time and materials.

Customization Is Lacking

There is a possibility that hand-filling methods will allow for a greater degree of personalization than machines that are expressly built to fill vape cartridges rapidly and effectively. For instance, the manufacturer may need to manually mix multiple flavors of e-juice before the machine can fill the cartridges. This is done before the device can refill the cartridges with liquid. This might be an inconvenience and could restrict the range of available items.

Quality Control And Assurance

The equipment specifically built to fill vape cartridges can do so rapidly and effectively; however, the results may need to be more consistent. It may be challenging to maintain quality control because the output of these devices can be influenced by various parameters, including temperature, viscosity, and air pressure. Variations in flavor, intensity, and quality are possible in the cartridges produced if the production process is not carefully monitored and adjusted.

Cleaning And Maintenance

To function at their peak, vape cartridge filling machines, like any other type, require routine upkeep in cleaning and repair. To do this may require some time, as well as certain instruments or specific skills. The failure to undertake routine maintenance and cleaning increases the risk of problems and results in performance below standard.

Concerns For Safety

Inappropriate handling of the equipment used to fill vape cartridges has the potential for injury. If the device is mishandled, a potentially catastrophic exposure to heat or pressure might occur; moreover, the equipment needs to be adequately maintained or cleaned. If the equipment is not adequately maintained or cleaned, it may harbor germs or other contaminants that risk the end product's safety.

How Do Vape Cartridge Filling Machines Work?

A control panel or touchscreen interface, a filling nozzle or needle, and a reservoir for the material used to fill the vape cartridge are the three components that make up a vape cartridge filling machine. Hands-on and hands-free operation are both supported while using the battery-powered gadget. Utilizing a machine that fills vape cartridges begins with preparing the substance to be filled. This may require lowering or raising the temperature, altering the number of chemicals present, or filtering out contaminants, depending on the product being processed. The completed item is then placed inside the machine's internal storage container.

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Preparing the vape cartridges comes next on the list of things to do. It is vital to clean and install cartridges appropriately and use the filling nozzle or needle that corresponds to the correct size. After that, the cartridges are placed onto the machine's cartridge holder or conveyor belt, whichever is applicable.

After that, the machine is turned on, and the process of filling the container then begins. The filling nozzle or needle takes liquid from the reservoir and transfers it to the cartridges to repeat the process. The machine can employ either pressure or suction to guarantee that the appropriate amount of material is placed into each cartridge. Once filled, cartridges are withdrawn from the device and either capped or sealed before being stored away. After this step is finished, the cartridges may be labeled, packed, and sent to retail locations.

Vape Pens And Cartridges

Vape pens are on the rise because they are handy and arguably present a lower level of harm to one's health than traditional cigarette smoking. Others seek cannabis for its recreational value, while others are interested in it because of its potential for medicinal or therapeutic use. This objective may be accomplished with a vape pen, eliminating the need to expose oneself to the more harmful effects of smoking. It can help you save money since you won't have to purchase as many expensive juices as you would otherwise.

As environmental protection becomes an ever more pressing problem worldwide, it is no longer acceptable to buy large numbers of cigarette butts. Consequently, vape pens are becoming more mainstream and being marketed for purposes that call for such a hobby. Users have the potential to quickly minimize waste and save money by recycling their vape pens rather than purchasing expensive disposable cigarettes.

There are already several different cartridge options for vape pens to choose from. You should choose the one that fits your requirements and preferences and falls within your financial means. A person who has never used a vape pen before might not know how to properly operate their device when it comes time to replenish the cartridges in their vape pen.

The most popular type of cartridge is the 510-thread cartridge, and it may be used with any battery that also has a 510-thread. This is the version that is suggested for use with new clients. Before you start using your vape pen, read the instructions first because some variants on the market seem like the most popular ones but may function in different ways.

Check to see if the cartridge of the vape pen you intend to buy can be refilled before you buy it. If you always purchase your generic vape juice from the same store, you may find that some of your cartridges have already been filled for you.

The Structure Of The Vape Pen

It is only the beginning when you learn how to refill your vape cartridges; getting to know your vape pen inside and out will ensure that it has a long life and will operate at its best. It is less critical that the device be able to be used for vaping than it is for the user to be able to keep from breaking it and having to buy a new one.

weed vape pen


As the name says, the vapors will be discharged in this location. It is essential to consider that the mouthpiece's breadth differs from one vape pen brand to another. The mouthpiece affects the amount of taste that the user experiences. Some mouthpieces have greater apertures than others. The vaporizer pens that include mouthpieces that are comfortable to use are your best bet.


Because of their convenience, reusable vape pens help cut down on waste. Before the pens are linked to the charger, they cannot write.


How exactly does juice become a cloudy substance after you blow out your pen? The atomizer brings about this effect. Heating the oil or juice in the atomizer converts it into an inhaled gas. This is true whether you use ordinary oil or CBD juice.


The tank is the cartridge. It is the space where the oil or juice is kept for storage. It is standard procedure to make this chamber see-through to easily identify the maximum fill line while refilling the cartridge. The tank is the supply of gasoline for the vehicle.

Most individuals only require one cartridge, but habitual vapers most likely have several on hand, each of which has a distinctive range of flavors and oils. At any vape store, you can get a brand-new cartridge that already has oil placed into it to replace the old one that is empty that you have. You may obtain anything from traditional to cutting-edge types at a local retailer, including cannabis.

Where To Put Your Vape Cartridge

As you stack your cartridges to make room for the various oils you want to fill them with, there is a correct method to store your cartridge to minimize the risk of it coming into contact with germs and to ensure that it will continue to be used for many years to come.

Store Them Vertically

Now that you have a pen, consider purchasing a container to store your empty cartridge and the syringe necessary to refill the pen's oil supply. Instead of laying the bottles down on their sides, you should store them upright to prevent the cartridge from cracking or leaking while they are being held. Because cartridges are composed of a delicate material, mishandling them will require you to purchase a brand new set of cartridges and will waste your money.

Store In Cool Places

You should store the equipment and the cartridges in a colder location because you want the material to be as fresh as possible. Only if adequate ventilation is nearby should you leave your gadget in the sunshine. It would help if you also didn't keep it anyplace that is too cold. However, a shelf held at the appropriate temperature would be OK.

When working with juices or oils that include THC or cannabis, it is essential to avoid exposing them to damaging sunlight or excess moisture because doing so may contaminate the contents and introduce undesirable germs.

The Bottom Line

A machine that fills vape cartridges with e-liquid, oil, or other substances can be called a vape cartridge filling machine. This type of gadget makes the process of filling vape cartridges more efficient. These devices are intended to make filling cartridges more straightforward, less time-consuming, and more accurate. They are versatile enough to be utilized in production settings of any scale, from the smallest to the largest, and can handle a broad range of cartridge kinds and sizes.

When using a machine, filling hundreds, if not thousands, of vape cartridges, quickly is simple. Investing in a cartridge-filling kit might lead your company to produce an astonishing quantity of vape carts daily. However, there are two separate types of cart-filling machines accessible, one entirely automatic and the other partially automatic. Each type of equipment has its own advantages to provide customers with.

It should come as no surprise that a machine designed to fill cartridges can do any of the duties assigned to it. It is possible to correctly load concentration dab syringe applicators with the assistance of certain automated cartridge-filling equipment. The vape cartridge filler takes over and automatically fills the empty vape carts when the heated oil reservoir is refilled, the filling volume is set, and empty vape carts are placed into the proper slots in the filling tray. Once these steps have been completed, the vape cartridge filler will begin to fill the vape carts. Because of how these automatic oil refill machines are constructed, they can fill thousands of cartridges in a very short amount of time.

Depending on the manufacturer's preferences, filling machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or entirely automatically. It is feasible to employ manual equipment, which, because it is often used to fill a single cartridge at a time, takes less space and has a lower starting cost than automatic equipment. When filling by hand, equipment like syringes and hotplates are used to maintain the oil at the optimum consistency for insertion. This ensures that the filling process goes as smoothly as possible.

Since distillate is thicker than water, it needs to be heated continuously through the filling process to prevent bottlenecks. When filling by hand, you will need some heating apparatus, the specifics of which will depend on the kind of oil you are working with. Because they are produced from cannabis, the terpenes that may be found in living resin are especially susceptible to being destroyed by high temperatures. This is because cannabis is one of the plants from which they are derived.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.


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