Organics Alive

Organics Alive


Organics Alive was established as a pioneering company in the field of sustainable agronomy, offering gardeners a viable alternative to harmful chemical fertilizers. Our mission is to promote a fully organic and sustainable approach to gardening and agriculture. We invest heavily in the development of cutting-edge fertilizer technologies, specializing in areas such as vermiculture, fermentation, microbial extraction, and carbon-based fertilizers, all while avoiding the use of animal by-products, intensive mining, or traditional salt-based components.

Our primary goal is to advance the organic movement by significantly reducing the reliance on agricultural chemicals that contaminate our waterways and contribute to ocean pollution. Through our innovative products and farming practices, along with a rapidly expanding community and strong advocacy for environmental issues, we strive to strengthen the human bond with nature. This endeavor not only aims to mend damaged ecosystems but also seeks to reverse the detrimental impacts brought on by conventional agricultural methods.

At the heart of Organics Alive, sustainability is more than a concept—it is the driving force behind our operations. We are committed to nurturing plant health organically and are continually pushing the limits to redefine the essence of organic farming.

In our commitment to sustainability, every aspect of our business, from product development and packaging to our farming techniques, embodies a regenerative and sustainable philosophy. We are dedicated to continually improving our operations to uphold our deep-rooted responsibility towards Mother Earth.