Urban Worm Company


Vermicomposting Supplies

In late 2017, we launched the Urban Worm Bag, a fabric continuous flow worm composting bin designed for easy and efficient vermicomposting. The innovative flow-through design allows for hassle-free harvesting of worm castings without disturbing the worms. Since its introduction, we have expanded internationally, offering a variety of vermicomposting supplies such as coco coir and bulk worm castings, catering to individual and commercial clients.

Bulk Worm Castings

In 2021, we began providing bulk worm castings at affordable prices, serving organic gardeners, landscapers, cannabis growers, and other commercial applications. We offer delivery options ranging from 1000lb pallets to multiple truckloads of 2250lb totes shipped directly to your door or worksite. Our competitive prices include shipping within the lower 48 states, ensuring the highest quality with recent compost and biological test results.

Urban Worm Company is dedicated to supporting the vermicomposting community with quality products, valuable information, and exceptional customer service.

Where We're Going

We have ambitious plans beyond just marketing our products. Despite being the world's largest market, the United States must catch up to Europe and Australia in adopting large-scale and small-scale vermicomposting. The growth potential for vermicomposting is immense, driven by the organic growing movement and increased awareness of the environmental impact of organic waste.