110V Control Board (OA6-110)

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Brand: TrolMaster
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Product Features:

  • LED Power Indicator: Provides visual confirmation of power status.
  • Addressing Button: Enables easy setup and configuration of the module within the system.
  • 6 Individually-Controlled 110V Outputs: Each output is independently managed, allowing for precise control of various devices.
  • Individual LED Indicators for Each Output: Offers immediate visual feedback on the status (On/Off) of each outlet, enhancing monitoring capabilities.
  • Double RJ12 Cable Sockets: Facilitates easy and reliable connectivity, simplifying the network setup through daisy chain connections.

Electrical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC, suitable for standard household and commercial power supplies.
  • Maximum Input Current: 9A, providing sufficient current capacity for multiple outputs.
  • Maximum Output Voltage/Current: Each output can deliver up to 120VAC at 1.5A, ideal for controlling small pumps and solenoid valves.
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110V Control Board (OA6-110)
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110V Control Board (OA6-110)

The TrolMaster OA6-110 Control Board is expertly engineered to manage small 110V pumps or solenoid valves that operate under 1.5 amps. This versatile control board features six individually controlled 120V outlets, each equipped with an LED indicator to visibly display whether the outlet is active (On) or inactive (Off). This clear visual feedback ensures operators can easily monitor and adjust the status of each outlet.

Designed for scalability, the OA6-110 can be integrated into larger systems with ease. Up to five OA6-110 modules can be connected to a single Aqua-x controller, allowing for extensive control over multiple devices simultaneously. This capability makes the OA6-110 an ideal solution for small to medium-sized irrigation setups or other applications where precise control of multiple electrical devices is required.
With its robust design and user-friendly interface, the OA6-110 enhances operational efficiency and reliability, providing a dependable solution for controlling essential equipment in a variety of settings.


OA6-110 Tech Sheet (OA6-110_Tech_Sheet_-_20240322.pdf, 598 Kb) [Download]


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