Innovative Tool and Design


Our Journey

In 1939, Innovative Tool and Design, Inc. emerged as a tool and die shop. Since then, it has evolved into a premier metal stamping company, specializing in various processes such as punching, bending, forming, and deep draw stampings.

In the present day, Innovative Tool and Design, Inc. has transcended its origins to become a global supplier serving industries such as Automotive, Hardware, Aircraft, Military, and Medical Markets. Through the establishment of an international footprint, we have broadened our reach and impact. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions, from prototype development to mass production, in collaboration with your engineering team.


In light of the extraordinary challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, we have pivoted to meet the needs of our customers, families, and friends. Introducing our INNOVATIVE PPE PRODUCT LINE, we harness decades of expertise to deliver products that prioritize quality, commitment, and safety. We extend an invitation to join our family, where we strive to deliver exceptional products at accessible and reasonable prices.