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Link4 Corporation



Link4 Corporation specializes in crafting cutting-edge software and environmental controls tailored for greenhouse cultivation to enhance productivity while curbing operational expenses. Our innovative solutions empower growers to oversee their greenhouse operations effortlessly through mobile devices, utilizing advanced controls that seamlessly transmit vital data to the Cloud, accessible from any internet-connected gadget. 

With comprehensive data insights, Link4's clientele can cultivate more robust crops through consistent and replicable procedures. Furthermore, our proactive approach safeguards crop investments by promptly notifying users via text alerts about potential threats like equipment malfunctions or environmental irregularities.

Our control systems are meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of every grower, whether they are small-scale enthusiasts or operators of expansive industrial facilities, irrespective of indoor or outdoor setups. With each product, we offer unwavering customer support, commencing with personalized consultations to ensure clients receive bespoke controls tailored to their needs.